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What Kind Of Company Do You Want to Work With?

Inspiring words - copywriting and training

My business values are:

Win:win relationships  |  Empowerment  |  Facilitation
Integrity  |  Openness  |  Creativity  |  Passion

My Mission Statement is:

Through copywriting experience, knowledge and a win:win approach, it’s my aim to help companies get better results from their marketing material. Through training, I will facilitate the growth and development of others. I will also enjoy the opportunity to use my love of crafting words.

About Me

I have a Combined Honours degree from the University of Birmingham in English and History. Once I’d finished my studies, I decided I wanted to save the world, and became a social worker.

I soon decided that I’d rather save the world on a voluntary, part-time basis and build my career around my love of words. Which is what I’ve done since the age of 22. I joined a small publishing company, helped to write a book and, three months later, found myself as editor of a national magazine on local history.

When, one day, I came to work to find that the company was no more, I decided to become a copywriter because my best friend was one. And here I am, 30 years later, still loving my work with words.

I also write in my spare time and am a member of the prestigious Leicester Writers’ Club. After all that sitting at a computer, I keep fit through going to the gym. I already hold a black belt in a Japanese style of karate.

So, is this the kind of basis you want to work on? If so, contact me about effective copywriting and copywriting training today.



Inspiring Words

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